Triple Cheese Platter

triple cheese platter

On the 3rd month we will get spesial menu called Triple Cheese Platter with baguette and many more. Come and join us here don’t forget the spesial classic music for mind. This platter are a good choice if you want to had a great time here.


This triple cheese platter snacks can be served quick and make a great taste. If you want to try this menu at home, How Art Thou Café will give away our recipe. The time to make this preparation are around 10 minutes with cheese already be prepared.


Time to cook are none and total all time to make this snack are 10 minutes. So easy and taste.


The following will How Art Thou Cafe provide how to make and prepare the ingredients :

  1. Choose your favorit cheese from Brillat – Savarin, Coach Farm , Mt. Tam and up to your choice.
  2. Strawberry jam , sausage , and Bread.


Once all the ingredients have been collected, we can proceed with cooking the ingredients:

  1. Remove cheese from freezer and put it away 3 hour before serve.
  2. Get the platter ready and place the cheese on top of platter.
  3. Spread the jam around the cheese, put the sausage on bowl and cut the bread to around 5 or 6 size.
  4. Triple Cheese Platter ready to be served.


Energy Fat Total Saturated Fat Protein Sodium Carbs ( Total )
1050kj 15g 5g 35g 1200mg 40g

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