Angel Food Cake

angel food cake

Creating a new discovery in experiment new cakes. Today we will launch a new cake here we name it Angel Food Cake. This cake will be ready when you come here. For you who cannot come, we will give out our recipe how to make this deliciouse cake. All you need is one and half cup of cake flour, one and half cup white sugar, half teaspoon of salt, one and half cup of white egg, one spoon tartar, half spoon vanila flavor, half spoon almond flavor.

How To Make Angel Food Cake

Follow this tutorial to make Angel Food Cake

1. Beat and shake the egg until it show foam, add some cream tartar, vanilla flavor and almond flavor.

2. Mix all until it divide.

3. Combine all with dry ingredient and slowly pour into pan

3. Place the Cake in oven with 325 degree Fareinheit.

4. Wait for one hour or the cake color is golden brown.

5. Wait for cooled and remove the pan.

6. Ready to serve with self topping.

Angel Food Cake Nutrition per serving is low fat and low calories. So its great for someone who like diet.

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