About How Art Thou Cafe

How art Thou Cafe

david bergerDavid Berger, main games judi slot online di goto88 and The How Art Thou’s Cafe owner, answering the call from Josh, his son-in-law which saying “Pa, I hope you can come here to help and start a cafe shop and also provide wine.”

Unrelated Career

David who has lives in the Washington D.C. area that works for the Pentagon for 20 years. He worked in Army staff, and Deputy Chief in Logistics. He flight to Korea and make a war plans and operation for the Korean peninsula, then returned to the Pentagon and worked for the Army Operations Center. Finally, he retired and plunged into the executive world where he worked for 10 years.

Customer in HowArtThouCafe

Customers in the bar at How Art Thou.

David and his wife often visit Folly Beach to visit his daughters, son-in-law and grandchildren. When his son-in-law Josh came up with the idea for your Art Art, David and his wife decided that while they liked DC (but not traffic!) They loved it here. They put their house in DC for sale and get off.

A plan turns into a reality

David and Josh get a rental for the cafe location, which How Art Thou shares with the Seacoast Church. “If it was not for the Seacoast Church we would never be able to start it, because we do not have the capital”. Their plan is to be a coffee shop and a wine bar. They opened in September 2011. Six months later on March 18, 2012, Josh was killed in a car accident on Folly Road.

Unexpected tragedy and illness

It was a big tragedy for David and his family. David is very close to his son-in-law and his loss is very painful, which still feels deep. At the same time, David was confronted with the news that he had prostate cancer. Thirty days after Josh’s death, David went in for surgery. She’s obviously cancer now.
Oscar Rivers Trio.

The focus on jazz begins in 2013 when it meets Oscar Rivers, who is at the end of a show in another business and is looking for a new place to play. River creates its trio. He eventually joins vocalist Cat Kathura. Other singing vocalists include Bobby Storm and Alva Anderson.

Musik HowArtThouCafe
Musik HowArtThouCafe

Option to focus on jazz and blues

At first How Art Thá featured all kinds of music: jazz, blues, folk, country, and others. David found that people were confused by the lack of focus. He fights with her for a few years and then decides, “All right, let’s be the best little jazz we can get in Charleston, where you can go in, listen to good music, enjoy drinks, food, socialize.”