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David Berger, games judi online and The How Art Thou’s Cafe owner, answering the call from Josh, his son-in-law which saying “Pa, I hope you can come here to help …

How Art Thou Music Cafe & Tapas Bar

Jazz & Blue Cafe – Make and Serving Full Craft Beer, Expresso Bar, and also Good Taste Fine Wine.


1956 Maybank Hwy, Charleston, SC 29412, USA.


Get a free parking with security and enjoy the time in our cafe.

Operating Days

Open from Tuesday to Monday around 4pm to 12am and will closed on Monday.


Our Customer Testimonial

See what our customer said about us and also you can leave some of testimonial for us at the comment.

  • Oscar River Band was amazing on Saturday even some female singers joined the bands. Unbelievably more amazing afterward. A hidden great talent in James Island. The mediteranian chicken pasta was excellent and great for more than two people one plate. Many regular customers like us later. Highly recommended.

  • My wife and I ate here during an anniversary trip to Charleston in October. The date we was at HowArtThou Jazz Club and Restaurant was the highlight of our trip in Charleston. The owner of this place looks and is very friendly, interacts with his guests with his sincerity and warmth. He even made recommendations to me about drinks as I tried to figure out what I wanted. The food was great. I had smoked salmon with some vegetables and fries and my wife had pasta and we both loved it. Oh music, music, music! What can I say about music? It’s sensational, right in the ears and just flawless. And to think that you can enjoy a good Jazz on Friday night and dine at a reasonable price get 5 stars in my book. We definitely plan to visit with this again when next we are in Charleston.

  • Starts with a house homemade salad with basalmic dressing. Still very delicious and tasty. Then add a pasta primavera on topping with some rich creamy sauce. Really tasty, balanced sauce, and fresh vegetables.

Recommended Menu

Try some of our recommended menu so that you can enjoy the best cuisine we have.

  • Snacks
  • Cakes
  • Salad
  • Flatbread
  • Cocktails

Spinach artichoke dip is one of the snacks often ordered by customers at Howartthoucafe. Comes with a sprinkling of cream cheese, mayonnaise and also with other supporting ingredients that will make these snacks even better to serve. Making Spinach artichoke dip is easy and super delicious to serve at a party. Serve in a bowl or can also use other crackers.

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Roasted Garlic Hummus is not less delicious than any other snacks we provide. The crispness in the flavor provided by Roasted Garlic is different from other snacks. However, in Roasted Garlic it is given some mixture so it can give a different flavor. In presenting this Roasted Garlic, you may feel like you have a lot of work in peeling Garlic, but this is not something to worry about considering that it is very easy to peel Garlic.

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This herb Roasted Almond is one snack of our cafe Special menu and so addicting. Almond Roasted with mixed herb such as thyme, salt, sage, rosemary and avocado oil. This herb is baked quickly in the oven which provides some crunch and allows the ingredients to enter into the lapping state of the fingers. We made big batches because we knew they would save well, but did not end in a long time.

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Although this bruschetta food is one of Italian food that uses Garlic sprinkling with Olive Oil and also salt on bread that has been roasted. This food is also popular around this area.

A variety of ingredients can be used to provide satisfaction in enjoying these foods. In Italy does use pork and some spices to menyedapkan Bruschetta food is.

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Artisan Cheese Board are easy to serve and can be eaten quickly. But very popular in this area. The food is fairly simple and edible like other snacks. The way of presentation is also simple, just by cutting cheese into pieces and decorated with other ingredients that can be eaten immediately. For those who like salty foods can use almonds, bread, salt and so on. However, Howartthoucafe used the materials and also for those who like sweet foods can be added with Cracker ingredients, honey, mustards, jams and more sauce that can be used according to their individual tastes.

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The Crab Cakes we provide are filled with fresh crab meat that we have cleared from the shell. The softness and crispness in these crab cakes makes the enjoyment of enjoying live music from this café become more meaningful. It takes time to clean these crab shells but we still provide the best for the satisfaction of our loyal customers. The satisfied and happy face of our loyal customers who are satisfied in continuing to advance How Art Thou Café.

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Beet is one of the most popular vegetables in America. Roasted beet salad using this beet is devoted to cooked by steaming because it feels more delicious and tenderness in this food. In making this Roasted beet salad menu, we use medium-sized beets using some extra oil and honey as a sweetener that will make this salad delicious on the tongue.

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It becomes easier if eat salads already in your list! Make Garden Salad new and fresh vegetables and a delicious and simple salad dressing will be easy. As the weather warms, eating salad becomes easier as we make. The vegetables in the Farmer’s Market are abundant and colorful, and even Salad at grocery store even tasted better. If you had a plan to make garden then, I am jealous! Vegetables are the most important.

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Using Steak and mushroom in serving food on flatbread is certainly not a difficult thing considering that flatbread can be combined with various foods and other ingredients. This time we will discuss the use of flatbread with steak mushroom. The combination of steak and mushroom is one of the good foods to try. The menu that has been made by us (HowArtThouCafe) is one of the special foods that we should be proud of.

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Flatbread can indeed be combined with a variety of spices. By using a mixture of different ingredients, we created a mushroom & humboldt fog cheese flatbread meal that became one of the prima donna of the menu that the howartthoucafe provide. Materials that we use are also easy to find such as mushroom trumpet, lettuce, radishes, humboldt fog cheese, sun flower seed and mint leaves.

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Mediterranean flatbread is one of the foods that use flatbread with some topping on it like pizza and favored by mediterranean people. Creations that can be done using flatbread very much and can be improvised in accordance with the taste of each – each. However, How Art Thou cafe uses some self-made recipes by creating some good ingredients to eat.

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ManHatTan Cocktails is some of cocktails used to be serve at cocktail glass with one cherry. Usually the glass will be like wine glass but sometimes we use low glass at the request of customers. The Cocktail we serve are New York’s.

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Long Island Iced Tea we create with mixed vodka, tequilla rum, gin and grand marnier with some sour mix cola. Most cafe using different combination, but us using this combination can be see as we are giving our best. This drink has more alcohol concentration than most drink. The great long island iced tea are exact mixer ratio.

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